Is there a way to mass download/extract (infrastructure) data from either Google Maps or Business directories based on a search query?

I am often asked to create inventories of assets within a local authority such as places of worship, schools or hospitals. Currently I just do a Google Map search and extract each name and address manually before geo-referencing in Mapinfo which is very time consuming. Is there a tool which will download all this information automatically (name, address, postcode, phone number) from Google Maps or 118118, or is copy/pasting the results the only way.

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Technically it is possible to write a bot for getting those information, but sooner or later you will either hit a legal issue or a query limit (cf. Section C of 118118 terms on bulk downloads).

For bulk operations I would recommend setting up your own instance of the OpenStreetMap server with Overpass API, where you can find the necessary information.

First you may test the API on existing instance (the requests might take several seconds to complete, even for small areas), although using them excesively will be considered bad manners by the community (http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Overpass_API#Introduction):


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