I have a local directory with a Raster Tile, downloaded with SAS Planet (I know about the license issues, its just a personal test).

In Global Mapper I can load it directly from the directory using: file:///D:....\z%z\%y\%x.jpg

My question is, can I do the same in QGIS using local files?


You can do the same in QGIS with the TileLayer plugin. It needs a TAB delimited file with the path to your tiles. In the settings of the plugin, you have to point to the folder where the file is. An example line of mine:

Topo    Topo    file:///F:/Tiles/Topo/{z}/{x}/{y}.png   1   0   16  -180    -85.0   180.0   85.0

I'm not sure if the plugin is limited to png files; I have no jpg tiles.

Another choice is a local apache server, which lets you access the tiles via localhost. I used MS4W to put up that server, but OSGEO4W (32bit only) works as well.

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  • Works for JPG tiles too. – RASC Apr 27 '16 at 14:41

Although AndreJ solution works fine, I found and easier way to manage local tiles in QGIS using MBTiles 1.2 (SQLite) format. SAS Planet has an option to export the downloaded tiles to this format.

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