as the title suggests, I am currently working with a wms provided by geoserver 2.8.x, with the focus being put on a time-attribute. The official documentation is really lacking details on how to configure a layer with a date-field in geoserver, especially the "dimensions"-tab.

So the .shp i uploaded onto geoserver comes with two date-fields (begin and end), each containing, you guessed it, a date where a special action has begun and ended. I want my wms to only query features whose begin- and end-field are within a given period, e.g. by submitting &TIME=2014-03-22/2014-04-01 on getmap i want it to return features that lie completely within these boundaries. However, geoserver returns any value where the given time period is somewhat included.

Does anyone know a way to work around that problem? Or maybe how to configure the layer itself in geoserver?


So i managed to solve the "problem" using cql. I am using a leaflet script, and by adding

cql_filter: 'begin AFTER ' + begin + 'T00:00:00 AND end BEFORE ' + end + 'T00:00:00'

to the getMap-Request, with begin and end containing the start and end of the period i am interested in (formatted like YYYY-MM-DD), i can now query exactly what i wanted before.

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