GIS Cloud Publisher is an extension from GISCLOUD.COM that allows one to publish from ArcMap to GIS cloud directly. I followed the instruction provided on the website concerning the installation but it does not work. I does not appear in the Toolbars in Arcmap.

I am using ArcGIS 10.3

Can anyone help with how to make the the GIS Cloud Publisher extension appear or work in ARCMap.

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Sorry for a late response. I guess you have read the tutorial.

There could be a problem if you don't have NET 4.5 installed on your computer.

"Note: If you don’t have 4.5.NET installed on your computer, install it before installing Publisher for ArcMap extension. Also make sure that firewall is not blocking the app."

Please, let me know if this worked out.


The Solution is Simple

  1. ArcMap > Customize (Menu Bar) > Extension
  2. Check(Tick) GIS Cloud Publisher
  3. Right Click the Toolbar and Enable GIS Cloud Toolbar.

The problem has to do with the license permission.

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