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I am trying to reclassify raster (DEM) in QGIS. I know how it is done in ArcGIS (Spatial Analyst, reclassify option), but I would like to know how it is done in QGIS?.

The point of my exercise is to set all the values of elevation in DEM in the range from 1200-1600 meters as 1.

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To realize classification on raster data, import the raster, righ clic in the layer name and go to "Style" section. - Select "Singleband pseudocolor" - Select at the right the "Spectral" color with your favorites parameters - Clic on "Classify" and change classe in the white zone at the left - Clic Ok

More datails on the process documentation in the Qgis documentation here : => https://docs.qgis.org/2.2/en/docs/training_manual/rasters/changing_symbology.html

I hope i help you...

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