I have been trying to create UTFGrid from shapefiles using TileMill v0.10.1. For some reason the grid map it generated looks like it is stretched from the original map. For Example:

This is the Original Tile:

enter image description here

What TileMill generated:

enter image description here

The top half of the image is correct, however, the bottom half of the character map becomes all '?' and the layout still follows the original image but stretch to the right.

This only happens when the UTFGrid is exported in mbtiles, when using UTFGrid interactivity inside TileMill's GUI, it works perfectly...


Sorry, the issue is resolved.

It wasn't an issue with TileMill, but the way I was converting MbTile's binary data to ASCII character map is wrong.

ASCII only support up to 128 characters thus any binary above 128 got converted incorrectly. I convert the binary data into UTF-8 and it works perfectly.

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