I'm just a beginner in GIS, so I'll be glad to see any comment here.

I have tables in PostgreSQL which I've connected to QGIS. There are columns in tables with datatype array[]. But it's not easy for users to insert data into column using such view as {a,d,c}. Is there an easy way to edit the data?

I have just some idea to put data in QGIS like 'a,b,c' and make a trigger on INSERT/UPDATE BEFORE which will put data into Postgres table in right look. But it also seems not the best way.


The only way that I'm aware of is kind of a 'per-use kludge'.

For example I have data that includes an array of property numbers (attribute name propnum_array, dtype varchar[]), and I sometimes want to identify any data where the array is empty.

Testing for propnum_array = {} or propnum_array is null or propnum[0]='' (or any other variations on that type of theme) makes QGIS gag, however I can do regexp_match( propnum_array,'\\d') or propnum_array ilike '{""}' or propnum_array = '{""}' and partition the data into stuff that has non-empty propnum_array and stuff that hasn't.

What this means is that if the arrays have structure (e.g., specific values at specific elements in the array), you can scan for those: if you want all values where the second element in a 3-element array is 'Y', then you'll want something like regexp_match( propnum_array,'[,]*\'Y\'\[,]*') (pretty sure you have to escape the commas and single-quotes internal to the match string, but that a use-case for someone else to worry about).

The fact that propnum_array ilike '{""}' works, seems to indicate that QGIS treats arrays as if they're text. Alternatively, it might cast them to text on-the-fly, if required - but then it would not make sense for array types to be undocumented (AFAIK). I haven't been able to find any docs on array handling, and there are questions on the osgeo-qgis mailing list as recently as Jan 2015.

I guess the major hint is that there are no array functions in the expressions editor, although I understand that the 'Data Driven Input Mask' plugin has had array handling since v1.0.0 (Feb 2015).

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