I use ArcMap on a laptop, a Lenovo Yoga P40. This laptop has two graphic cards: the standard Intel graphic card and a NVidia graphic card designed to be used on graphic softwares (e.g. AutoCAD Inventor). Currently, I think my laptop runs ArcMap with the Intel graphic card, but sometimes I notice it has issues to load and handle ArcMap, therefore I was wondering: is there a way to set my laptop to run ArcMap with the other graphic card?


The graphics card is rarely an issue when experiencing performance problems with ArcGIS (i.e. unless you are doing heavy 3-D visualizations). In fact, I successfully run a version of ArcGIS on a server that does not have a graphics card. Instead, I recommend focusing your attention on increasing 1) the RAM and 2) disk read/write speed by installing a solid state drive.

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