I am trying to create points along a line using CCTV data for our wastewater network using ArcMap 10.3.

There is no field within our pipe to specify upstream/downstream so I have determined the flow of the pipe using the Utility Network Analyst tool.

All measurements within the CCTV Inspections are taken from the upstream manhole. I would like to have a point created at each of these inspection points.
(A future challenge would be to then include continuity information to create a line rather than point.)


Below is a simplified database diagram.


I am unsure how to progress with this ... tracing or linking using the linear referencing tool??

Any suggestions on the next steps I should take?

  • Go backward staring with 3rd table, join second to it and 3rd . It will give you route ID. Classic linear referencing task. It is worth to populate 1st\left table with unique string ID, because LR struggling sometimes with numeric – FelixIP May 2 '16 at 5:56

As suggested above I created a view by doing a full outer join on the inspection table to the event table to the pipe table.

The points were then created using the Create Points on Lines tool which allows for distance of points to be created using a specified field.

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