We'd like to resample our mosaic dataset using the MAJORITY option, but it it isn't given in the Build Overviews tool. Our plan is to generate the rasters manually using Resample and Split GP tools, and then register them with the mosaic dataset.

Once we've created the TIFFs that we're going to use as overviews, how do we register them as such within the mosaic dataset? How do we let ArcGIS know that these rasters should be used as overviews?

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Turns out this is relatively straightforward. Just add the custom overviews using AddRastersToMosaicDataset_management, then field calculate the Category field to 2, which is a coded value for Overview.

The MinPS and MaxPS values in the mosaic dataset attribute table will also need to be adjusted for both primary and overview rasters so that the overviews display properly.

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