I am designing a number of maps for a report and I was wondering is there a location where I can download different layout templates as the default ones in arcmap don't suit what I'm looking for?

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    Might be easiest for you to design your own. Doesn't take much effort. – Nxaunxau May 3 '16 at 8:04
  • Thanks would arcmap be the best software to do this on or do you know a better opensource that is more suited to displaying? – Eoin Devlin May 3 '16 at 8:11
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    if you want to make ArcMap templates, then yes ArcMap is the best software to make it in – Midavalo May 3 '16 at 8:29
  • You should be making any templates you use in ArcMap. However, it's a good idea to find similar maps you can reference while making your maps. – Adam Kara May 3 '16 at 11:03

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