I want to remove the "Leaflet.com" that appears on the right bottom of the screen here. How can I do that?



The Leaflet way: L.map('map', {attributionControl: false, etc...})

A simple $('.leaflet-control-attribution').hide() or non jQuery document.getElementsByClassName( 'leaflet-control-attribution' )[0].style.display = 'none';.

Vladimir himself says it's OK to remove it: https://groups.google.com/d/msg/leaflet-js/fA6M7fbchOs/JTNVhqdc7JcJ, but it seems like you should leave it or acknowledge Leaflet in some way.

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  • Thank you for your answer. Your solution worked for me!! – Md Amiruzzaman Jul 11 at 13:07

This is perfectly explained in the Leaflet API reference for map options.

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If you just wanna remove "Leaflet" prefix then :


Where map is an object returned by L.map(...) call.

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  • I like the attribution coupled with my tileLayer (I use OpenStreetMap), so I call map.attributionControl.setPrefix() with empty args to remove the Leaflet attribution – kevlened Aug 13 at 16:47

For those using react-leaflet, use:

<Map attributionControl={false} />
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tutorial here


  import { Layer, tileLayer, Map, control } from 'leaflet';
  options: any = {};
  constructor() {
    this.options['attributionControl'] = false;
  onMapReady(map: Map) {
            position: 'bottomright',
            prefix: ''
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If you use leaflet on Angular you can disable it at this way:

this.map = new Map('mapId', {attributionControl: false});
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