I'm trying to write an app which would act as a address caching API, so basically it needs to store addresses (geolocations) and later on I could query on a random address and radius and get all the cached locations within the radius of that point.

I prefer to use Python on Google Appengine, I tried DataStore GeoPT but to do such a query it would end up being really expensive and not really efficient. So I started reading about MongoDB Geospatial Query, $near option. But apparently there is no support for any Python-MongoDB-GAE that also supports GeoLocation fields e.g Flask-MongoEngine.

Does anyone know a solution to this or even another stack to work on which makes this implementation feasible?

  • I ended up using NodeJS on heroku to write this app. not sure if the python issue is resolved by now. – Shayan Jun 11 '18 at 22:54

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