Is there a way to search for only parts of text in QGIS.

Imagine I have a field in my attributetable called myField and I have several entries there, something like

This is awesome
Even more awesome
Hard Faster Stronger
Rolling down

Is there a way to search only for awesome and get all the rows returned, where myField has a cell where the word awesome occurs?

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You can easily achieve that with select by expression dialogue.

"my_field" LIKE '%specific_words%'

See this example

enter image description here


you can also use

strpos( "myField", 'awesome') > 0

and for case insensitive searches

strpos( lower("myField"), 'awesome') > 0

this is slightly more error-prone as you need to put double quotes around field names and single quotes around string values. I always fall into that trap.

I noticed that a recent version of QGIS (2.12?) has quietly introduced a 'fuzzy matching' category, with functions for Hamming Distance, Levenshtein distance and Soundex. These are useful if you want to match words which are nearly similar, or which sound similar...

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