hope anyone could give me some hints here. I tried to download free MODIS data from their page(resolution 500m, 1km). Im interested in NDVI and temperature data. But when i load the hdf files into my project file I just get weird layers :/. MODIS temperature layers in ArcGIS This for example should be the temperature layer, but that's nothing I can work with. You have a clue if these are the right files, or if not, if there are better ones?

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These values are scaled Kelvin. You can see in the MODIS website detailed specification about the MOD11C3 data enter image description here

If you multiply the raster by 0.02 you should get the values in Kelvin


For the NDVI you can use the product modis MOD13Q1 and for the supercial temperature MOD11A2, the arhivos in HDF format of the products other complementary products I recommend you to check the respective guides




Well, MODIS MCD43A4 data can be found via landviewer and you may analyze any of the images with ease by applying NDVI index or create any other index via built-in calculator. However, an option to collect MODIS temperature data is expected to be added soon. An example of such data can be found here.


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