I have 300 .tiff files, that i need to create raster stack of them. Can you please help me with R code for that?

I can do in Arcgis, Envi, R. I have tried:

setwd("F:\\MODIS\\Modis EVI\\HDF8 EVI")

list.files(path="F:\\MODIS\\Modis EVI\\HDF8 EVI", pattern = ".tif")

tifs <- list.files(path="F:\\MODIS\\Modis EVI\\HDF8 EVI", pattern = ".tif")


setwd("F:\\MODIS\\Modis EVI\\HDF8 EVI")
raster_stack=list.files(getwd(), pattern="tif$", full.names=FALSE)
for(i in raster_stack) { assign(unlist(strsplit(i, "[.]"))[1], raster(i)) }

Both didn't work!

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    Please take the community tour and edit your question to include what exactly it is that you are having problems with and what you have tried, including code snippets. – MaryBeth May 11 '16 at 12:46
  • You may also find this post from Stack Overflow useful to produce a minimal reproducible example. This will greatly help us recreate your problem and test solutions. – Phil May 11 '16 at 13:05
  • Also, describe what "didn't work" means. Did you get an error? If so, include it in your question. If not, what behavior did you get vs. what you expected? – Evil Genius May 11 '16 at 13:45


fs <- list.files(path="F:\\MODIS\\Modis EVI\\HDF8 EVI", pattern = "tif$", full.names = TRUE)
s <- raster::stack(fs)
writeRaster(s, "hdf8_EVI.TIF")

I have no idea what stackSave is. Please read about asking questions here and look into the basics of the raster package. Don't use assign, and don't use setwd - both are really bad practice for general use.

EDIT: just learnt what raster::stackSave is - it's awesome. It's not for writing multi-band TIF files.

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