I have a set of polygons in a feature class & there are streets layer with names within these polygons as shown in the attached image.

How to insert the enclosed Street Names into the street_name column of a polygon in ArcGIS for Desktop?

enter image description here


There are many options here. The easiest would probably be to use the intersect tool to intersect your street and polygon layers. The resulting table would have the info you need. You'd have to either A) use calculate field to get all of the streets as a list in a single field, or B) copy the table to an excel file and use a pivot table or some such device.

Or... if you're familiar with arcpy, you can select features in your roads layer that intersect your polygon layer, use a search cursor to build a list of street names from that selection, and then update a field in your polygon layer with that list.


The most critical issue here is to know the length of the Street_Names field, since some of your polygons may have hundreds of intersecting lines and concatenating all street name may require a large TEXT field. If you approximately know or guess this size, Spatial Join is the way to go. You need to use Field Map of Join Feature parameter as explained in here.

  • I have a maximum of 11 street names only in a polygon. May 13 '16 at 4:21
  • Then, as in the example of esri blog, you can create a new TEXT field in the field map with a size of [Total_Number_Of_Characters_In_11_Streets_Once_They_Are_Concatenated]+10 (the number of delimiters, say comma as in your example). After that you need to select street name field from your line feature class and define it as Input Field.
    – fatih_dur
    May 13 '16 at 5:10

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