I want to perform very common task:

  1. I have Postgresql + Postgis running on Amazon Web Service cloud, using RDS service.
  2. I have there some vector layers and can execute SQL (Postgis) commands via connection using Pgadmin3 SQL console. So I know for sure that Postgis is installed OK.
  3. Also I can execute psql console with SELECT PostGIS_Version(); running OK.

The next is to execute something like raster2pgsql -G; in order to test that the raster2pgsql tool installed. The problem is it doesn't.

Basically When one using Potsgresql on AWS RDS the Postgis is pre-installed. And if so, tools like "raster2pgsql" should be automatically also be installed.

  1. How now I can install this tool on such remote DB? I have access to psql and that's it.
  2. My task is to load raster data (topo) in the way I can leveraged Postgis spatial queries. What are my other alternatives to load into Postgis DB DTED files?


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