i want to display raster images using a color palette in a leaflet map. The images are tiled (gdal2tiles) from a single .tif to multiple .png files with values from 0 to 100.

I add the image using the tileLayer function.

Is there a way to use a color palette in leaflet to display the values (e.g: 0=blue, 100=green)?

if not

is there a way to transform grayscale .png (or the input .tif) to a RGBA png using a predefined color palette?


If you're willing to use TileMill and MBTiles, you can do this pretty easily using CartoCSS to style the original Tiff, and output an MBTiles file.

#dem {
  raster-colorizer-default-mode: linear;
  raster-colorizer-default-color: transparent;
    stop(100, #afa);

There's an old tutorial posted here.

As far as the original question, 'is it possible to do it in the browser via leaflet', no, not as far as I know.


In R, this can easily be done using the mapview package. For instance, displaying Landsat 8 band 5 with a customized color scheme and breaks works as follows:


## custom color palette
cols <- colorRampPalette(c("green", "blue"))

## visualize data 
m <- mapview(poppendorf[[5]], col.regions = cols(100), 
             at = seq(5750, 30750, 500))


The 'true' leaflet map, if required, can be found via m@map:

> class(m@map)
[1] "leaflet"    "htmlwidget"

Furthermore, mapview allows you to add additional mapview (or Raster*, or Spatial*) objects via +, thus enabling to handle multiple tiles at once. Use e.g. m + poppendorf[[4]] to add band 4 to the initial map.


I solved it by writing the RGB values to individual layers in a stack, adding opacity information (RGBA) and write that to png.

I create a color palette with colorRampPalette() and get the RGB values with col2rgb()

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