Is there any Google API which would return all the countries in the world with the country code?


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The Google Maps API family does not have anything like this. There might be other API's that do, but since ISO 3166-1 is fairly static you are probably better off embedding the data rather than retrieving it from an API every time you need it.

You could use Wikipedia's article on ISO 3166-1 as a source for the list of countries and codes.


How about KML Countries at GeoCommons. It has entries such as:

  • Cntryname: Australia, Fipscntry: AS
  • Cntryname: Egypt, Fipscntry: EG
  • Cntryname: France, Fipscntry: FR
  • Cntryname: United States, Fipscntry: US

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