I'm trying to get MapServer up and running under IIS on my Windows 7 x64 machine.

I've installed the latest 7.0.1 release msi from GISInternals

Added mapserv.exe to the Allowed list in the ISAPI and CGI restrictions

Created a map file, and tested it locally and it generates the expected image

But when I browse to localhost, http://localhost/mapserver/mapserv.exe?map=test.map&mode=map, I get an error ...

msProcessProjection(): Projection library error. proj error "Permission denied" for "init=epsg:4326"
  • Not sure if it helps or not, but out of interest, in your map file do you directly reference the location of the epsg files, like CONFIG "PROJ_LIB" "C:/somedir/proj/nad/". – nmtoken Nov 20 '16 at 15:02

Sorting out the permissions may be a pain, I would try putting the epsg files in a location that you know IIS will read, then reference that location through the map file through a CONFIG statement.

As a get around instead of referencing the epsg look-up file to get the definition of epsg:4326 you can use the definition directly in the map file like:

    # replace 
    # "init=epsg:4326"
    # with:

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