I have two different geometries (albeit very closeby) that Postgres is treating as equal.

db=> select '0101000020E6100000C5BCD8C5FEF45DC0AFE29EF87B584740'::geometry = '0101000020E61000005A7CAFC6FEF45DC01A23C8F77B584740'::geometry;

(1 row)

Can I dial-up PostGIS equality resolution so that these are unequal?



select ST_Equals('0101000020E6100000C5BCD8C5FEF45DC0AFE29EF87B584740'::geometry

Returns False.


PostGIS defines the = operator to test bounding-box equality rather than geometry equality (see docs).

There have been discussions of changing this behavior, but I'm not aware of anything in the works. (Refer to https://lists.osgeo.org/pipermail/postgis-devel/2016-April/025769.html for a recent discussion.)

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