I've developed some algorithms that work with GPS trajectories. So I need a repository in which I can download GPS trajecotries to run my test.

I most need marine and air tajectories, better if fileformat was a .gpx.


GPS track logs for vessels can be accessed using AIS.

Ships broadcast information such as GPS position, heading, and speed. Updates are sent over radio at periods of between 2 and 30 secs for a moving ship.

Data can be accessed on sites such as aprs.fi who provide an api, although not in GPX format. Many commercial sources also exist that can provide historic data.

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    marinetraffic.com is a similar service. – BAD_SEED Jan 31 '12 at 7:44

You can get cycling activities from Strava in JSON format using this url:


Activities and users are freely browseable.

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