I am currently working on a computer with windows 7 on it and i need to instal the Pg-Trgm module for postgresql 9-5. I have to admit that i am kind of lost here since i don't have any idea how to do this on a windows workspace.

I need it for matching text based columns between them and for some slight manipulations.


The pg_trgm extension should already be available with PostgreSQL 9.5 on Windows (supposing you installed via the official installer). This means that there is no need to install it, however you need to activate it in each database that need to use it.

The only thing left to activate it should be to run the following SQL code:


Another way to do it is via pgAdmin :

  • Right-click on Extensions and select New Extension...
  • Choose your extension from the drop-down menu in the Name field and click OK.

Install extension from pgAdmin

  • Exactly what i was looking for, worked perfectly. Thank you – Moreau Colin May 30 '16 at 12:11

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