I am making a simple map, showing store locations on a background. Each store brand is displayed with an image (a coloured square with a letter e.g. Aldi might be a blue square with the letter "A" inside).

In the legend we want to display: Brand logo image - Symbology image - Name. Something like this:

enter image description here

How do I add the brand logo image to the legend?

I don't want to convert the legend to graphics, because I'm exporting a number of maps displaying different layers. I'm thinking of doing the following:

  • Create a combined image of brand logo and symbol (there's only half a dozen of these so it's manageable)
  • Duplicate the layer, but "move" the coordinates to display outside the visible map extent
  • Use the combined images for the new layer symbology
  • add the layer to the legend
  • Remove the actual layer from the legend
  • (The reason for the last two steps are so that I can still have the legend only showing switched on layers)

I think that would work but it seems inelegant.

Is there a better way of doing this?

E.g. is it possible to add an HTML tag to the legend item to add the logo?



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