I have a point PostGIS layer (my_layer) which has more than 66000 features. I am getting the features I want but it takes too long. My code is:

    resultList = []
    req = QgsFeatureRequest().setFilterExpression(' "some_field_name" = \'some_value\' ')
    for feat in my_layer.getFeatures(req):
        name = feat.attribute("some_other_field")

How can I optimize it so that I can get the results quicker?


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QGIS API provides you with a couple of ways for optimizing features requests.

In your case, if you don't need geometry and the rest of attributes in the result, you can:

  • Use flag NoGeometry (see docs).
  • Set subset of attributes you really need using setSubsetOfAttributes() (see docs).

That should speed your request up.


Another suggestion which may also help - make sure you have a suitable index created on your field on the Postgres database, and then switch on the option under Settings -> Data Sources -> "Execute expressions on server-side if possible". That should make a huge difference, as all the filtering will be done on the server rather then sending ALL the features in the layer to QGIS to filter.

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