CartoDB helpfully shows a daily hit count for each map, but I can't find out how end of day is defined. I seem to get lots of hits "overnight" in UTC, and I swear the hit count for two days ago just changed. What is the time zone?

Also, does just viewing a page with a map embedded count as a hit (eg by a robot), or does the visitor have to click into the map?


The end of the day for the map stats is defined in UTC. Internally, the stats are stored in Redis per day, being the day a "UTC day".

Each time the map is visualized it counts as a mapview. It doesn't require the map to be clicked, just the tiles to be requested to the server. If, for example, your map is embedded in an article in a newspaper site, when someone opens the article and the map is rendered in the browser that will count as a mapview. It doesn't require the user to go to the map and browse through it.

Another example: CartoDB public profiles usually feature the most popular map of the user, which is automatically embedded. Each time someone checks your public profile, it would sum a mapview to your featured map -- not the thumbnails of all the maps you might have created and published, just the featured map which is actually browseable.

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