I am trying to update a field length of a hosted feature service in ArcGIS Online. I load the update definition page by going to the Admin REST page of the service, and clicking Update Definition:

Update Definition Link

I then take the JSON and copy/paste it into an editor, like Notepad++.

I find the field I want to update, and change the length. In this case I want the Category field to have a length of 70, rather than 50:

Change Field Length

I then copy/paste the JSON back to the Update Definition page and click Update Service Definition, and receive a success message:

Success Message

But when I go back to the REST page, CATEGORY is still 50 in length:

Length Still 50

Not sure what the issue is here. Do I need to set ASync to True?

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    I am confident the issue is the schema cannot be changed because there is a data in the service. I am sure on the backend the AlterField GP runs to make changes, but that is a limitation when using that GP. I also wonder if some parts of the definition are simply not supported to be changed using this operation. – evv_gis Nov 2 '16 at 14:58

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