I have this label expression within a function that works great. I want to turn the color to white.

lblClass.expression = '"{}" + [OBJECTID] +  "{}"'.format("<FNT size = '10'>","</FNT>")

this the RGB colors for white...

<CLR red='255' green='255' blue='255'>

I am unsure on how to format this together

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    not tested but normally you can simply concatenate format("<CLR red='255' green='255' blue='255'><FNT size = '10'>","</FNT></CLR>") – radouxju May 31 '16 at 20:03

as @radouxju has said, you can link the different tags together:

lblClass.expression = '"{}" + [OBJECTID] +  "{}"'.format("<FNT size = '10'><CLR red='255' green='255' blue='255'>","</CLR></FNT>")

which should output something like <FNT size = '10'><CLR red='255' green='255' blue='255'>[OBJECTID]</CLR></FNT>

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    so the "<FNT size = '10'><CLR red='255' green='255' blue='255'>" opens the coloring and font tags? and then I have to close it with"</CLR></FNT>" ? like HTML style? – ziggy May 31 '16 at 20:19
  • yes, that's right – Midavalo May 31 '16 at 20:23

you just need to open and close your color tags in the expression

lblClass.expression = '"{}" + [OBJECTID] +  "{}"'.format("<CLR red = '255' green = '255' blue = '255'><FNT size = '10'>","</FNT></CLR>")

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