I am using QGIS.

I have an attributetable with several columns.

I want to change the values of column1 if they are NULL with the values of the same row in column5.

case WHEN column1 is NULL THEN 

How do I say "use the value from the same row"?

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The field calculator always calculates on a row-by-row basis. So you can use:

CASE WHEN "column_1" IS NULL THEN "column_5"
ELSE "column_1"

You can also use coalesce to replace NULL values from column_1 by column_5.

coalesce("column_1", "column_5")

Open the attribute table and make it editable.

  1. Select by expression "column_1" isnull

  2. Along the top of the attribute table you an select in a drop down a column of your choice. Select "column_1"

  3. In the text box available write "column_5"

  4. Click "Update Selected"

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