Is there a way to set the scale of the background map in QGIS? I'm importing a background map from MapQuest via the OpenLayers plugin. I'm creating an overview Map of a whole city, so it is not necessary (and even not wanted) to have named the small roads, which can't even be read when it is exported/printed on DIN A4.

Is there a way to tell QGIS it should take the view of the higher zoom level (where only motorways are labelled)?

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If you want a less-populated map, you can take the STAMEN layers based on openstreetmap.

Alternatively, you could take a snapshot of a lower zoom level with Save as Image, and add that as a raster layer. But you might get a very pixelated view.

BTW I suggest to switch from the openlayers plugin to the QuickMap Services plugin. It works better with the print composer, and is still maintained.

  • I would prefer the Stamed Layer as well, but the team decided to choose MapQuest and I can't use another background Layer now :(
    – Riker
    Jun 2, 2016 at 7:04

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