I am attempting to create a tool via modelbuilder that creates clustering for a polygon feature class based on the distance field attribute (between one polygon to another) that I have created using the "near table" tool. There are some requirements to the clustering process:

Firstly, I would like the cluster to be grouped in an "ascending" method, where the "first" polygons to be grouped together are those with the shortest distance. (i.e. Polygon A and Polygon B with distance of 200m (shortest distance) are grouped together first)

Secondly, I would also like the grouping to be such that once a set of polygons are grouped together in a cluster, they are excluded from the clustering process, which continues on until all polygons are grouped in their own respective clusters based on the distance field attribute.

I would like to know if there is are methods within Arcmap that ultimately allows me to create the clusters through the use of a tool created using modelbuilder, as the existing geoprocessing tools for creating clusters do not have the options that allows me to fulfill the 2 requirements above. My arcgis desktop is advanced license.

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