I am storing the bbox of layers as strings, as the following string :

var layerExtent='[768039.2602094524, 5772524.37609651, 2313901.7202488566, 7435794.111581946]'

and I'm using this method to create a polygon from this bbox(extent) :

var bboxPolygon = turf.bboxPolygon(layerExtent);

but the polygon created has a weird coordinates so I can't use it to check intersection with other polygon with turf using:

var intersection = turf.intersect(bboxPolygon , item);

The structure of this polygon is as following: enter image description here

so no intersection is detected, can you please give me ideas how make this work ? can I create a proper polygon from extents so I could use it to check for intersection with other polygons ?

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    Jun 3, 2016 at 8:36

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The reason was that the turf.bboxPolygon takes a list of floats/numbers and not a string

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