I'm running a script in Matlab where I need to compare different Landsat 8 bands. The matrices of each band must match up, but I'm using band 8 which is at double the resolution of the others, and therefore has double the number of cells.

It was suggested to me that I use ArcMap to resample the band 8 to 30m res but I'm not sure how. It was suggested that I use 'extract by mask' but I'm not sure how this would work as I don't want to extract an roi, I want the whole image resampled.


You can use the Resample tool (available at all license levels) in ArcMap.

Here is a detailed Esri article about resampling.

You could also use something like r.resample from GRASS, which can be accessed in QGIS, which is a free and open-source alternative.

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