I have downloaded landsat satellite data, then I merged the 4 bands I am interested in into one file (raster-merge). The problem is that I merged bands 2,3,4 and 8, and in the merged file the bands are named 1 to 4. The question is which band in the merged file corresponds to which individual raster band file.

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I guess you are using Landsat 8 product

from my experience, it should be:

band 2 → 1; band 3 → 2; band 4 → 3; band 8 → 4

you can do band combination like RGB (3,2,1) combination and if it show natural color then its true. enter image description here 4 is for band 8 which is panchromatic band

if you are still confuse, you can match the band min_max pixel values between before and after merge enter image description here

  • thanks, but still not sure how to make sure which band corresponds to which
    – APR
    Jun 5, 2016 at 5:34
  • ypu can compare before and after merge and see the min_max pixel values for each band. you can see the updated answer. Jun 5, 2016 at 5:55

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