I am using MapExtreme 7.0, I am running into the following error on an asp.net website (.net 3.5) running on a server with windows 2003 32bit.

"Error during Read: XML Library Load Error Required XML version unavailable" when trying to access some feature data.

I managed to track down some obscure reference in the 6.7.1 release notes and the fix was to install the latest "XML", I'm assuming that refers to MSXML, I have checked and the server has MSXML 6 installed.

Is there something else this may be referring to? Or is there another cause of the problem.

I managed to reflect the MapInfo dlls and have found the resource that contains the string but I cannot find where the error actually originates from

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Turns out that MSXML 4.0 SP2 is required to be installed even if you have a later version of it already installed

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