I want to create a network analysis more difficult. Therefore, I want to calculate a Service Area around hospitals next to bus stops. But: The network does not only consist of roads and pedestrians (time) but also of bus lines and bus stops. In best case the result should be a augmented service area, which includes bus drives to the hospital in a certain time! I nearly have the solution, but here is the problem. Trying to solve the analyse I realized that several bus stops are not within the calculation. I have checked the topology of the stops and lines and there are no errors (as ArcGIS says). Also the attribute table seems to be correct. I tried to planarize the bus lines but I can't use the tool, as it is not possible to click on it (grey color).

Maybe you have a idea to help me?

Problem picture:

enter image description here


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    Problem solved! I put the busstations on street junctions and that worked. – Hannes Bl Feb 4 '12 at 9:55
  • Couldn't you just do a buffer that incorporates bus stops, let's say 400m (0.25 miles)? – dassouki Feb 4 '12 at 17:03

The asker "put the busstations on street junctions and that worked".

Although this is a very short Answer I have transferred it from a comment by the asker to assist removal of this resolved issue from our Unanswered questions.

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