This minor problem with my ArcGIS 10.4 license manager was bugging me - why was there a Repair option, and why didn't Repair actually work?

enter image description here


The answer came from Esri tech support, and I'm including it here in case it helps someone else:

Clearing trusted storage for ArcGIS Licenses:

1: Show Hidden Folders

2: Backup the files from C:/ProgramData/FLEXnet and delete this folder

3: Verify that the licenses are removed (Open the ArcGIS Administrator, click the Availability folder, it should be cleared out)

4: Reauthorise licenses

  • I had to stop the ArcGIS license server service that was running on the machine before I could delete the files from the FLEXnet folder.
    – the_skua
    Aug 7 '17 at 13:26

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