I have a CAD file of a building and I want it to be replaced on Google Maps with coordinates.

The DXF-file is on a local coordinate system (undefined). I convert this file to SHP-file for editing. I have corner coordinates from Google Maps. I want to determine the WGS84 coordinates for this SHP-file.

Should i use the affine transformation method (what are the parameters?) or other method for ArcGIS?


In ArcGIS you should load the CAD data first and use the Georeferencing toolbar to establish world file coordinates before converting to a shapefile as explained in the Georeferencing CAD datasets help. There are several related help links in this section that explain how you can apply a transformation, but that generally means that the local coordinates had to apply the rules of a known projection to choose the appropriate transformation. In most cases a decent set of control points on a horizontal or vertical plane should be sufficient for placement and sizing of a single building footprint.

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