I want to coerce an object of class Raster Layer to class SpatialPixelsDataFrame since that is required as input for the function autoKrige from the r library automap. However, when I try to use as from the r library methods, I get the following error:

Encountered "as" at line 307, column 25. Was expecting one of ...

Where line 307 is:

layerGrid = methods.as(layerRaster, "SpatialPixels")

I'm assuming that the word as has already has a meaning in python. The question is, however, how do I use the function as. Is it possibly replaced by rpy2 with a different name?


Accessing R symbols in packages that are syntactically invalid in Python can be done through __dict__. Here:

r_as = methods.__dict__['as']

See the documentation for rpy2: http://rpy2.readthedocs.io/en/version_2.8.x/robjects_rpackages.html#importing-r-packages


Found a work around, store the R function in a separate function:

                    asRaster <<- as(rasterAs, "SpatialPixels")

Retrieve the function from the R global environment and call it:

        setAs = r.globalenv['setAs']
        SpatialPixels = setAs(layerRaster)

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