Does anyone know how to generate a single GDAL virtual raster linking multiple HDF5 files to each other? Each file represents different swaths of the globe with different lat/lon coordinates and data bands.

For now, I'm generating a single .vrt file for each HDF5 file, then using gdal_merge to collect them all together. However, I would like to do this in one process. The idea being to link all the files to generate a single global map.

  • Have you tried gdalbuildvrt? – user2856 Jun 10 '16 at 2:14
  • Adding to @Luke's comment: With gdalbuildvrt you can create VRTs containing VRTs. In other words in your current processing chain instead of using gdal_merge on the single-HDF5-VRTs use gdalbuildvrt to create a nested all-HDF5-VRT. – Kersten Jun 13 '16 at 6:23
  • That seems like a good idea; thanks to both! I'll give it a try. A follow-up question: is there a way to merge all the VRT files such that they fall into a raster of a specific size? collectively, they should be a global map with known rows and columns. – rakbar Jun 13 '16 at 15:03

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