I am trying to get just the datapoints that intersect with the boundaries of a GeoTiff image for some internal testing on an algorithm.

Are there any tools that can perform this operation?

If not, how would I script this behavior?

I would also like to preserve as much as data as possible from the original OSM file such as tags and other attributes.

I seek a solution that uses GDAL.

Here are the steps I need to perform:

  1. Get the bounding box of the GeoTiff

  2. Find all entries that intersect with those boundaries

  3. Save those entries to a new OSM file.


Okay so I found an easy way to do this for anyone interested.

  1. Get the bounding box of the Geotif using the command line utility gdalinfo

  2. Use osmconvert -b"bottom_left_lat","bottom_left_long","top_left_lat","top_left_long" to extract the geotiff

    1. Enjoy your cropped OSM file!

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