I've tried to add a postgis-vector-layer in qgis 2.14.0 by using authentication (authConfigId) and PyQGIS. When running the script I'm asked to login by username/password instead of using authConfigID. What is wrong with "uri.setConnection" ?

Example of the script:

uri.setConnection("host_name","5432","database_name", "4zoa91a" )  #"4zoa91a" = my_example_authConfigId
vLayer=QgsVectorLayer(uri.uri(),"layer_name", "postgres")
if vLayer.isValid() : print('layer is valid' )

In developer cookbook there is no hint to solve the problem. In the QGIS api-documentation I discovered:

void QgsDataSourceURI::setConnection    (   const QString &     aHost,
        const QString &     aPort,
        const QString &     aDatabase,
        const QString &     aUsername,
        const QString &     aPassword,
        SSLmode     sslmode = SSLprefer,
        const QString &     authConfigId = QString()

Here username/password are required, but as I said, I've tried to use the AuthentificationConfigID instead. (Is no problem to load this layer in qgis via interface.).

(Further it would be nice to get a hint/link how to "read"/"apply" the qgis-api-documentation/structure.)


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As I noted in my comment, try:

uri.setConnection("host_name","5432","database_name", None, None, authConfigId = "4zoa91a")

This plugin has an example using this method:


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