I've been trying to install qgis-server (2.14) on Ubuntu 14 (64-bit) using instructions from the the qgis-server installation instructions and tips from this question. All the packages install, I can access the Apache landing page and qgis-server is listed as an active service. However the api call below does not work. A call to the cgi-bin directory also doesn't work.


Does anyone know if there are extra steps needed outside the steps outlined in the docs?

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It seems like the order of my installation was wrong. Running

sudo apt-get install apache2 libapache2-mod-fcgid

Before running

sudo apt-get install qgis-server

seemed to get QGIS-Server working. Alternatively, the web-client git actually has an install.sh file that seems to run the install commands needed to get QGIS-Server working with a front end. (I'm saying seems a lot because I haven't definitively tested these observations)

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