I'm creating a geoportal, which works only on my localhost. I have a problem with adding to my ol.map a vector layer from Geoserver using WFS. I'm using Geoserver v2.7, OL v3.15.1 and jQuery v2.2.4. I had a cross-domain problem, since my gesoerver is hosted at 8080 port and the app is displayed using 9080 port, so I decided to add this layer using JSONP. I added to geoserver\WEB-INF\web.xml the following code:


Here's my code for adding a layer through AJAX request:

   var vectorLoader = function() {
     type: 'GET',
     data: {
      service: 'WFS',
      version: '2.0.0',
      request: 'GetFeature',
      typename: 'brzesko:wydarzenia',
      srsname: 'EPSG:3857',
      outputFormat: 'application/json',
      bbox: '2293539.9663390242,6439346.050046678,2294549.5570354667,6442264.769222975'
     dataType: 'jsonp',
     jsonpCallback: 'loadFeatures',
  var geoJSON = new ol.format.GeoJSON();  
  var loadFeatures = function(response) {
  var vectorSource = new ol.source.Vector({
    format: geoJSON,
    loader: vectorLoader

  var wydarzenia= new ol.layer.Vector({
    source: vectorSource (...)

(can't use outputFormat:'text/javascript', my WFS doesn't support it...) Then I get an error in the console.log:

Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token : http://localhost:8080/geoserver/ows?(...)

However, when I open the link in new tab I get a working JSON with all features and information. Does anybody know how to fix this? I've seen several similar posts but none of the given solutions works for me.

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