In QGIS am trying to convert the legend element in the print composer into graphics, like the option in the ArcGIS "Convert To Graphics", see image below

enter image description here

Is there some way to do it with QGIS?

  • Well, unfortunately... there's no way my friend. Dec 1, 2016 at 12:48

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I use a way "around the corner" with Inkscape, an open source tool for editing vector graphics:

  1. Add a second page to the print composer of your map.
  2. Add a legend and move the "raw" legend on the second page.
  3. Export the print composer as svg (every page of the print composer will be exported as own .svg-file)
  4. Open the svg of the second page with Inkscape and edit your legend (nearly) as you are used in ArcGIS
  5. Re-import the legend as an image.

This way you have the chance to design your legend with much more possibilities. The disadvantages are that the quality of the re-imported image is not the same like an original legend and that you always have to do a detour over an external program.

So here my question: Is there still no way to convert legends to graphics in QGIS directly?

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