I have to create a web map application with webservices (WMS or WFS).

I use the API for JavaScript of ESRI (4.0) and MapImageLayers for my data. But I didn't find how to add popups (or "popupTemplate"= to a MapImageLayer.

I use this sample for my code (https://developers.arcgis.com/javascript/latest/sample-code/sandbox/sandbox.html?sample=layers-mapimagelayer-sublayers)

  • MapImageLayers is for dynamic ArcGIS services, not for WMS or WFS services. Are you using ArcGIS Server? Jun 21, 2016 at 15:01
  • Hi Bjorn Svensson, yes I am using ArcGIS Server and the webservices that I am using are created with ArcGIS Server Manager and ArcGIS Desktop.
    – ndidi
    Jun 21, 2016 at 15:18

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You can use identifyTask to configure the popupTemplate for each sublayer of your MapImageLayer. See the following sample: IdentifyTask JSAPI 4.0

  • Thank you. I tried with the sample changing TileLayer in MapImageLayer with my own web service but it didn't work. I have this error : 'code'TypeError: b is null Trace de la pile : d<._parsedUrlGetter@js.arcgis.com/4.0/esri/tasks/IdentifyTask.js:4:286 .cache["esri/core/accessoireSupport/Properties"]/</a.prototype.get@js.arcgis.com/4.0/:234:320 .cache["esri/core/accessoireSupport/Property"]/</a.prototype.getDescriptor/< ... g() 4.0:160 e/d<() 4.0:160 .cache["dojo/_base/array"]/</d.filter() 4.0:105 e()'code' .I need to add the "PopupTemplate" on the require ?
    – ndidi
    Jun 15, 2016 at 10:12

so far, no way to do it. MapImagerLayer, popupTemplate would not work, ESRI have NOT yet fix this bug,

all I get is empty

                       .then(function(response) {

                         var results = response.results;

                         console.log('identify-results: ', results)

                         return results.map(function(result) {
                                                                var feature = result.feature;
                                                                var layerName = result.layerName;

                                                                feature.attributes.layerName = layerName;

                                                                  feature.popupTemplate = {
                                                                    // autocasts as new PopupTemplate()
                                                                    title: layerName,
                                                                    content: "{*}",
                                                                    outFields: ["*"]

                                                                return feature;
                       .then(showPopup); // Send the array of features to showPopup()

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