I'm looking for a way (Open source or otherwise) to view the contents and the features in a File GDB without installing any software locally.

Are the any current websites or web/map services or online viewrs that enable the uploading and viewing of a .gdb?

Again, I can obviously use QGIS or ArcGIS Explorer, but I need a solution for a local computer network that doesn't allow external installation, but does have internet access.

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    You can publish file geodatabase as a hosted service in ArcGIS Online if you have a subscription (can be done without having any software installed). Jun 15, 2016 at 7:24

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Similar to ArcGIS Online, you may also use MangoMap to upload/publish/view gdb data (with monthly subscription).


Use leafletjs filegdb Works in browser no server needed https://github.com/calvinmetcalf/leaflet.filegdb

I use it as well as geopackage and vector tiles and shapefiles

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