I have a list of n points, exactly x objects in GeoJSON from a CouchDB. I want to generate lines/multilines and polygons/mutipolygons with SharpMap and add this to a Layer in VB.NET. For points its easy, but for the rest: I don't get it. Must I use ICoordinateSequence?

So, can anybody post here some example to generate such geometries dynamically from coord-list-like text- or GeoJSON/JSON-Sources (maybe here its another workaround than for plain text?), much detail as possible.


You could look at: var jsonSerializer = new NetTopologySuite.IO.GeoJsonSerializer(); jsonSerializer.Deserialize(...)

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  • how i get this into a featurelayer? Do you have an example? (c# is ok, too) – mike Jun 15 '16 at 20:21

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