How can I get spatial statistics on my vector (tab) data in MI 15 64-bit. I just need to see total line lengths, areas etc as appropriate.

From the MI help I tried the following

To see the details of a data record:

Open a .TAB file with statistical data in it. Select a geographical object in the Map window. On the HOME tab, in the Tool Windows group, click Statistics.

But all I get is

Table CCRC_Road_Centerline_NEW has 464 records selected.


Just realised that it's simply the same process as in older mapinfo versions ...

so Sum(ObjectLen(obj,"m"))"Length_m"

enter image description here

Thanks to http://web.pb.com/mapinfopro-oct-2013/Query-Ninja-Calculating-Line-Objects-Length/?webSyncID=46d43e17-2562-4890-a3d6-aae32714dc02

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